Fans of the much-loved "The Walking Dead" star Norman Reedus will be delighted to know that their favourite star is possibly getting standalone films featuring his character Daryl Dixon. The movies will be based on Robert Kirman's comic books of the same name.

According to We Got This Covered, Daryl Dixon's standalone adventures in the post-apocalyptic world are expected to take place "after either season 11 or 12." The storyline is reportedly going to be based on Daryl's quest in search of "The Walking Dead" hero Rick Grimes, who led the survivor group of Alexandria since the start of the series.

Rick Grimes as played by Andrew Lincoln helped the group of survivors settle down in the new world that was taken over by zombies. However, he was last seen in season 9 and in Michonne's hallucinogenic state in season 10's "What We Become." The report teases flashbacks featuring the appearances of Daryl's brother Merle, who was killed off by the Governor in season 3.

However, AMC is yet to confirm the news. There is no official announcement yet and fans are advised to take information with a grain of salt. Nevertheless, the publication insists that the standalone movie is "indeed being developed and there's plenty of reason to assume it's going to happen." The report suggests that it was only a "matter of time before the creative team" of one of the most popular shows on television "would start thinking about how to bring their story into other formats."

Daryl Dixon's movie will not be a first-of-its-kind standalone venture in 'The Walking Dead' universe. For a very long time, Rick Grimes' return has been planned through "The Walking Dead" movies. These movies will come in a form of the trilogy and will be released in theatres.

The movies were first teased in a cryptic teaser at San Diego's Comic-Con in July 2019. The latest update on the much-anticipated movies was delivered through Scott M. Gimple's interview with Entertainment Weekly in January.

Norman Reedus
The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus says he and Melissa McBride, who plays Carol, are "best friends" Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

"We have a couple of different plans that we're going with depending on a couple of different factors we have to deal with on everything from story to product aspects. There have been a lot of different aspects to it in terms of timing that are pretty much coming into rapid focus right now. I would say the past year in a lot of ways has been R&D on a lot of aspects of it," Gimple told the publication.