Dozens of disgruntled "zombies" gathered outside of Ukraine's National Television and Radio Broadcasting Council in Kiev yesterday (3 December), demanding that Russian shows stop being broadcast in Ukraine.

The zombie protestors want an end to Russian propaganda on their TV screens; as well as wearing torn clothes and dripping fake blood, they held signs of faceless silhouettes with TV heads.

The organisers of the demonstration said that they "deeply resent the domination of hostile Russian content", and called on Russian sitcoms to cease their glorification of the Russian military.

The protestors claim that they have monitored Ukraine's top 10 channels over the last three months and discovered that more than 40% of the shows are Russian.

The National Television and Radio Broadcasting Council said that they are working on ways to combat Russian propaganda in the country's television.

In a statement, it said it is working on a new legislation "which will have more authority [so that] such matters are dealt with easily and quickly".

Ukraine councillor, Vladislav Sevryukov said that the procedure of replacing Russian TV production with Ukranian shows is complicated.

"I think both the National Council and channels [need] to move to clean up these issues," he said.