Wang Yue, a two-year-old Chinese girl, succumbed to her injuries on Friday, after she was run over by two vehicles and left dying by ignorant 18 passing bystanders in Southern China last week, said state-run-media.

The innocent toddler, who was in critical condition, died of brain failure after the accident in the city of Foshan in the far southern province of Guangdong, state media reported.

"The hospital went all out and made utmost effort to save her. But ... her injuries were too severe and the treatment had no effect," said Su Lei, the Director of the Guangzhou Military Hospital's Intensive Care Unit, according to a report from Reuters.

The hapless condition of the toddler has moved the entire nation, particularly after surveillance camera footage (CCTV) was televised showing her being knocked down first by a van and then several minutes later by a small truck. In the heart-wrenching incident, 18 bystanders were shown walking past the dying toddler as she lay critically injured before a female rubbish collector finally picked her up and moved her to the curb.

The footage, which was posted online, evoked several editorials and millions of posts on social media sites, nationally and internationally.

The seemingly callous attitude of the people could be linked to a 2006 case, when a driver stopped to help an elderly woman. However, the tables were turned when he was prosecuted and asked to pay a hefty fine, after she accused him of knocking her down with his car. Fearing repercussions of similar kinds, people in China now, it seems, refrain from helping others.

Meanwhile, the Foshan police have arrested drivers of both vehicles that hit the toddler; both drivers will go on trial soon.