The world is uniting in a bid to destroy the "evil death cult" of the Islamic State (Isis) after the terrorist attacks on Paris, David Cameron has declared. The British prime minister, speaking alongside President François Hollande in Paris on 23 November, also said that the UK would do all that it can to help assist France's attacks on the jihadists in Syria.

"We have discussed how we can further strengthen our counter-terrorism co-operation between our two countries and work together to defeat Isis in Iraq and Syria. We face a shared threat and we must share information and intelligence to better defend ourselves from these brutal terrorist attacks. The UK and France are already doing this but today we have agreed to step up our efforts even further and to work more closely with our European neighbours," said Cameron.

It is clear that the world is coming together to tackle this evil, terrorist threat.
- David Cameron

"In particular, we must do more to tackle the threat of returning foreign fighters. This requires a pan-European effort. We need a stronger external EU border to protect our security more effectively with systematic security checks and greater sharing of data among member states."

Cameron also stressed that EU states must agree on new rules so that member nations can share airplane passenger records as well as a further crackdown on the trade of illegal fire arms across the continent.

The Conservative leader, who has called for UK air strikes on Syria, said he "firmly" backed France's decision to bomb Raqqa in the wake of the 13 November attacks on Paris, which left at least 130 people dead.

The comments come after the UN Security Council unanimously voted to "take all necessary measures" to tackle IS on 21 November. The decision was particularly significant for the UK as Labour, the official opposition party, had previously said UN backing would be necessary before its MPs voted for air strikes on Syria.

Cameron is now expected to unveil his "comprehensive strategy" to parliament in a bid to gain support across the House of Commons for military intervention. He restated his case in Paris.

"It is clear that the world is coming together to tackle this evil, terrorist threat. That was clear on Friday night when, almost one week after the brutal terrorists murdered people here in Paris and sought to divide us, the world united in New York. We have shown our firm resolve and together we will destroy this evil threat," the prime minister said.