Red Bull's Australian driver Daniel Ricciardo recently faced a number of Bath's rugby players in a scrum in his Formula One racing car. The challenge was held at Bath rugby club's training ground, Farleigh House.

A 750bhp, state-of-the-art speed machine that can hit well over 200mph versus eight humans made of nothing more advanced than skin, muscle and bone, does not sound like a very fair fight.

Using a specially altered scrum machine to achieve this world first, the RB8 pushed against Bath Rugby's first string pack, with the car taking the initiative and dominating proceedings before the players showed sheer grit and forced the vehicle back. The see-saw effect was in full flow, Ricciardo's vehicle driving to succeed while the rugby stars battled for the glory.

The scrum was a close call with 1,000bhp/tonne from the car and 900kg distributed through eight bulky rugby players seemingly evenly matched. But how did it end? Watch the video to find out.

Ricciardo enjoyed throwing a ball around with the Bath rugby team after they had finished their unique challenge. "I respect them a lot as athletes," he said. "They're big, powerful, they get up from big hits and they know that's part of it."