Fidget spinners are all the rage right now, with the stress relief toys popular among both children and adults alike. The twirling toys are designed for one-handed usage and are typically quite small, but what would happen if you tried to build a huge fidget spinner?

Perhaps something like an experiment undertaken by YouTube trio 'Garage 54' - a Russian video-making troupe that came to fame attaching odds things to cheap cars (see this video where they strap bottles of Coca-Cola to a car's rear wheel... for science?).

In a recent video (via Jalopnik), the strange men cut three Vaz-2109 Lada Samara cars in half before welding them into a three-pronged whirling dervish of fidget spinner heaven.

The group then get inside each car and attempt to spin their creation to replicate the traditional fidget spinner experience.

Does it work? Sort of.

Unfortunately the Frankenstein fidget-car-spinner struggles to pick up enough momentum to rival its palm-sized inspiration, but that's probably a good thing considering how unsafe the whole ordeal looks.

Nevertheless, it's certainly a noble effort and you can see the construction work and attempted spins around a (thankfully deserted) site in action in the video embedded below. We don't suggest you copy them their goofy project for both safety and cost reasons, of course.

Fidget spinners have been all over the news in the past month or so with tales of schools and offices banning the ubiquitous anxiety aids. Last week the US' Transportation Security Administration had to remind passengers that while normal fidget spinners are acceptable hand luggage, spinners with bladed edges like this ninja star-spinner are not.