It should surprise nobody that Ken Clarke is voting against triggering Article 50 in March 2017.

The Conservative MP and former chancellor is a well-known Europhile who has long fought battles over the issue of Europe with his own party colleagues.

David Davis, the Government's Brexit minister, had told parliament the "point of no return has passed" on leaving the EU.

But with characteristic eloquence, Clarke used his speech during the parliamentary debate on Brexit to set out again an impassioned case against leaving the EU.

"I personally shall be voting with my conscience content in this vote," Clarke told the Commons.

"And when we see what unfolds hereafter as we leave the European Union, I hope the consciences of other members of parliament remain equally content."

At one point, he used Alice in Wonderland to mock the post-Brexit vision of the Leave campaigners.

Here's Clarke's speech in full.