In a new video, Nasa astronaut Randy Bresnik has given us a quick glimpse of a shooting star from space.

Bresnik, who is aboard the International Space Station, was capturing a time-lapse video when a shooting star appeared and zoomed across the skyline over the west coast of Mexico. The space station, as Bresnik described, was travelling at a speed of 28,100kmph at that time and was just at the right point to get a breathtaking view of the glowing meteor in the frame.

The Nasa astronaut tweeted the video and said, "That is so cool how it lights up the surface of the planet and then turns into a traditional shooting star formation".

The high-speed meteorite made a blink-and-miss appearance in the upper right corner of the one-minute long time-lapse video. However, a couple of follow-up images and a zoomed-in, slow-mo version from Bresnik gave away a better, clearer look at the falling shooting star.

As CNET notes, December is usually a good time for sky watchers to capture breathtaking views of shooting stars. Just next week, the Geminid meteors will streak across the night sky, and stargazers can enjoy the breathtaking views. The shower will peak on the night between December 13 and 14, 2018.