Jeremy Corbyn threw his full support behind striking junior doctors when he marched alongside hundreds of the medics in Westminster on the evening of 26 April. The protest came after tens of thousands junior doctors staged the first all-out strike in the NHS' history across England.

The walkout, between 8am and 5pm BST, will be repeated again on 27 April as the Labour leader and David Cameron clash in the House of Commons. Corbyn urged the Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt to settle the contract dispute with the British Medical Association (BMA).

"The current secretary of health has had every opportunity to negotiate an agreement with the doctors, they are the ones who have behaved in a responsible manner," the left-winger told protestors. "[The NHS] is not safe in the hands of a government that's more interested in attacking those who work in the NHS, selling off its assets and destroying the very principles of our NHS."

Watch NHS medics urge Jeremy Hunt to \'stop lying, start listening\' IBTimes UK

But Hunt, who has promised to impose the new contracts, has not budged. The cabinet minister, once tipped as a potential Tory leader, even cast doubt on his own political future when he told BBC Radio 4's Today programme his current role is likely to be his "last big job in politics".

The row is more than likely to be raised at prime minister's questions (PMQs). Cameron has continually backed Hunt and laid blame on the BMA so expect more of the same from the prime minister on 27 April. Meanwhile, Labour faces its own issues after one of the party's recently elected MPs was forced to apologise for sharing anti-Semitic posts on Facebook.

Naz Shah backed a call to move all Israelis to the US in 2014 before she became an MP for Bradford West. She has resigned as John McDonnell's parliamentary private secretary, but remains on the home affairs select committee, which is investigating the rise of anti-Semitism.

"I deeply regret the hurt I have caused by comments made on social media before I was elected as an MP," Shah said in a statement to the Guido Fawkes blog, which first broke the story. "I will be seeking to expand my existing engagement and dialogue with Jewish community organisations, and will be stepping up my efforts to combat all forms of racism, including anti-Semitism."

But Zac Goldsmith, the Conservative candidate for Mayor of London, told IBTimes UK that Labour has failed to deal with anti-Semitism within the party. "When an entire community begins to feel that the second biggest party in the country is not on their side, that is a problem that any self-respecting party needs to address."

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