David Cameron and Jeremy Corbyn are back at the dispatch boxes on 16 December for their final prime minister's questions (PMQs) before Christmas. The festive flavoured debate will come after George Osborne and shadow first secretary of state Angel Eagle took the lead last week.

Eagle, who also serves as Labour's shadow business secretary, won plaudits for her relaxed and humorous style. The Chancellor also put on a strong performance in Cameron's absence, furthering his case to be become the next Conservative leader.

There is plenty of ammunition for the prime minister to fire at Corbyn during the debate after the Labour leader was criticised for attending Stop the War Coalition's Christmas fundraiser on 11 December. But the left-winger, a former chair of the anti-war group, defied the likes of Labour MP Tristram Hunt and even praised the organisation.

Cameron is also open to attack at PMQs as his renegotiation with Brussels ahead of the EU referendum has hit a series of roadblocks. Most recently the Polish government has poured cold water over his proposal to block EU migrants from accessing welfare payments before working for more than four years in the UK.

Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond has urged EU leaders to come up with an alternative if they oppose the welfare plan. But the issue is proving to be a major sticking point on the continent and Cameron will have to face his counterparts in Brussels on 17 December. However, Labour are campaigning against a Brexit so Corbyn's arguments against Cameron will be limited.

You can watch PMQs from 12:00pm GMT on BBC 2's Daily Politics show, BBC Parliament and Sky News. Also make sure to follow @IBTUKPolitics for live updates and commentary.