Corbyn vs Cameron
David Cameron got personal with Jeremy Corbyn at Prime Minister's Questions Reuters

David Cameron accused Jeremy Corbyn of being an admirer of "crazy socialist plans" and of surrounding himself with a communist, Stalinist and a Trotskyist as he launched numerous personal attacks against the Labour leader during Prime Minister's Questions (PMQs). The Conservative leader made the remarks on 4 November as Corbyn pressed him over the government's tax credits defeat and the financial health of the NHS.

Tory MPs were also told off by the Speaker of the House of Commons John Bercow as they continually heckled Corbyn. "The leader of the opposition is entitled to ask questions without a barrage of noise and the prime minister is entitled to answer questions with a barrage of noise. That is what the public are entitled to expect," the former Conservative MP declared.

Bercow was not the only onlooker to blast the Tory backbenchers as right-wing journalist and CapX editor Iain Martin described the Conservatives as "unbearable". Also Twitter user TechnicallyRon seemed to mock the MPs with a "posh booing noises" image.

The appeal came as Corbyn asked Cameron if the NHS would face a "winter crisis" in 2015. "The NHS is in a problem: It's in a problem of deficits in many hospitals, it has a problem of [growing] waiting lists, it's in a problem of the financial crisis that it has been faced with. Can he now address that issue and ensure that everyone in this country can rely on the NHS, which is surely the jewel in all of our crowns?" the Labour leader queried.

But Cameron hit back and claimed Corbyn supported countries with "crazy socialist plans" which would endanger sick people. "He talks about the health service since I became prime minister, let me tell him what has happened in the NHS since I have become prime minister," the Tory leader argued.

"The number of doctors are up by 10,500, the number of nurses are up by 5,800, [there are] fewer patients waiting more than 52 weeks to start treatment than under Labour. And we have introduced the Cancer Drugs Fund, and we have seen mixed sex wards virtually abolished, and we have rates of MRSA and hospital acquired infections come plummeting down."

He added: "That's what's happened, but it's happened for a reason. Because we have had a strong economy, because we have some of the strongest growth in the world, because we have got unemployment coming down and because we have got inflation on the floor we are able to fund an NHS. Whereas the countries that he admires all over the world, with their crazy socialist plans, cut their health service and hurt the people that need the help the most."

Update: The BBC News press team has issued a statement on Twitter reassuring people that the PMQs "posh booing noises" subtitles photo from TechnicallyRon is fake.