Lucid Air
The Lucid Air is an all-electric luxury saloon car with a 400-mile range Lucid Motors

Tesla rival Lucid Motors has crossed the magic 200mph barrier with its all-electric answer to the Model S saloon car, called the Air. In fact, it hasn't just crossed the barrier, but blown right past it and into an electronically-limited 217mph (350km/h).

The luxury saloon car, which will be be powered by a pair of electric motors producing up to 1,000 horsepower when it goes on sale, was being used by California-based Lucid as part of the company's high speed stability testing.

A test driver took the Air to its electronically-governed top speed during a lap of the 7.5-mile oval track at the Transportation Research Centre in Ohio. Suggesting it expects to sell its car in Germany, where some motorways have no speed limits, Lucid said: "The Air will compete with the best vehicles in the biggest markets around the world. In at least one of these markets, there is an expectation of high-speed cruising that we intend to satisfy."

Lucid also explained how fitting the car with a powerful electric motor capable of over 215mph also makes the car more efficient at lower speeds. "A larger battery, capable of storing large quantities of energy, can release energy at a greater rate. In addition, a larger electric motor is proven to be more efficient than a smaller motor. The result is a blend of maximum efficiency when needed and blistering performance when desired."

The Air will be sold with a 100kWh battery pack as standard, equal to the largest offered by Tesla in both its Model S saloon car and Model X sports utility vehicle, but Lucid will also offer a 130kWh pack with a claimed driving range of 400 miles, 20% more than the longest-range Model S.

Autonomous driving will also be possible, with the necessary hardware installed from new and enabling software added via an over-the-air update once it is ready.

Lucid says the Air will be priced from $60,000 (£48,000), slightly less than the cheapest Tesla Model S, but opt for the larger battery, tick all the boxes on the options sheet, and you will need to part with over $100,000. The range of power options offered by Lucid is vast, with the entry-level car producing 400 horsepower from a single motor, and the most expensive pumping 1,000 horsepower out from a two-motor setup; the latter will hit 60mph in 2.5 seconds. Mass production is set to begin in 2019.