Tesla's cars are well known for their stylish exterior, high-tech self-driving, and being the brand that finally made electric cars cool. The model S, the flagship Tesla, is also one of the quickest cars with a speed of 100 kmph from a dead start. Its slightly bigger sibling, the Model X, is said to be a practical, high capacity, safe SUV which also has impressive towing abilities.

One other aspect of Teslas is the sheer grunt that they possess. The quiet acceleration and near noiseless running should never be mistaken for lacking power. Here is a video that proves exactly why Teslas are so good.

The video was uploaded by YouTube user Ben Spreen in which one can see a Model X, the Tesla SUV, pull a full- sized tractor trailer through a rather slippery snowed-in road.

For the uninitiated, the Model X is a fully configurable SUV that can have up to seven seats. The makers of the car claim that the stylish vehicle is the world's safest SUV with a number of safety features built in as standard, including the Tesla self-driving system. It is also an incredibly stylish vehicle with upward opening "falcon wing" doors for rear passengers.

The Tesla has an electric, all-wheel drive system that sends power to all four of its wheels at once. The video's description says it is a P90D trim vehicle, which means it has 503 hp at 5,950 rpm and puts out 479 lb ft of torque. It being an electric, most of the torque is made available right from the start. This makes electric cars perfect for drag racing, but going by the video, it also makes a really good towing companion for large trucks.

According to the description below the video, the trailer in question was one from the United States Postal Service and was just two miles from its destination near Raleigh, NC. The uploader of the video also wrote that the car did not overheat, break anything or go through stress. The boost provided for the truck was done only because there was virtually no grip on the road.

Tesla has said that the Model X's towing capacity is around 5,000 lbs and the truck weighs over 66,500 lbs, so it is not advisable to attempt on dry, grippy roads. YouTube commentators were quick to point out that the Tesla is merely providing additional boost to the truck and not technically towing it, but here is the video, it is still quite amazing to watch.