A tornado tearing through several farms in the Abilene area of Kansas has been captured on camera. The startling film shows one of several tornadoes reported across the Great Plains area of the United States and comes a day after two people were injured in storms in nearby Ford County, Kansas.

Around 20 homes were damaged across the area, authorities said, and more dangerous weather is expected in the area. A damage survey estimated that the tornado was half-a-mile wide, and reached peak winds of up to 180mph.

The US National Weather Service said further storms are expected in the coming days, and more tornadoes could touch down across the region over the weekend.

Kansas International Airport was temporarily evacuated on Thursday (26 May), Reuters reports, with staff leading travellers into tunnels to the parking garages after the National Weather Service issued severe warnings.

In the past few days 14 tornado sighting have been reported across Kansas and Oklahoma. Storms have destroyed buildings as they hit land, with ranches and farms being the worst hit. Power lines and rail tracks have also been damaged.