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The Greek Islands and many other holiday destinations will cost more for UK sunseekers this summer Very First To

The slump in the value of the pound will add £200 to the cost of a summer holiday following the UK's Brexit vote.

Sterling has fallen by more than 10% against the dollar and the euro since the 23 June Brexit poll pushing up holiday packages, according to research by price comparison site TravelSupermarket.

This will lift the price of holidays to the US as well as popular hotspots in Spain, France, Italy, and Greece.

The average holidaymaker gets through £513 on their summer break, or just over £2,050 for a family of four, said the price comparison site.

The fall in the value of the pound will mean sunseekers will have to spend more to get the same amount of euros or dollars.

The average holiday traveller racks up a debt of £421 due to overspending, but given the fall in sterling's value debt could now rise to £621 per person, according to separate analysis from debt repayment firm SalaryFinance.

SalaryFinance chief executive Asesh Sarkar said: "Pressure to take their families abroad during the summer months is causing many parents to pay for their trips on credit, often in the form of high-interest bearing loans or credit cards."

"The unintended consequence of funding summer vacations on credit are stark – many people will return to work more preoccupied, stressed and anxious than before as they worry about how they will manage their repayments."