Wesley Warren Jr
Wesley Warren Jr's testicles had swollen to the point they weighed 10 stone (Channel 4)

A man from Las Vegas who had testicles weighing 10st (63kg,140lb) has criticised the surgeons who removed them because the operation has left him with a penis measuring just one inch in length.

Wesley Warren Jr, 49, had a rare condition called scrotal elephantiasis or scrotal lymphedema that caused his testicles to swell from excess fluid in his body.

A Channel 4 Bodyshock film shows how he struggled to cope with day-to-day life - he could not wear trousers, walk normally, work, drive, have sex or sit down easily.

His condition began after he knocked his testicles after turning over in bed. They began to swell and enlarged to the point where they weighed the same as a baby hippo.

In the film, Warren meets surgeon Joel Gelman and the medical team who remove his testicles in a 13-hour operation. Doctors took away the excess tissue and rebuilt his scrotum.

After the operation in May, Warren said his life had been saved. He told ABC: "My body is acclimatising.

"I'm still not able to get around much and enjoy driving or going to dinner. But I intend to make up for it and treat myself to a truly fabulous meal and enjoy relaxing for at least a few days. I call Dr Gelman my lifesaver."

Wesley Warren Jr
Warren disappointed with his penis size after the scrotal surgery (YouTube)

But less than two months later, Warren is deeply unhappy with the result. He told The Sun: "I know the majority of people are probably expecting me to express extreme happiness and glee that my life has been transformed since the sac was removed but it's not as simple as that.

"I do feel a great sense of comfort that the weight is no longer between my legs. It got to the point that it was a danger to my health. But when I look down at what's here now it's not the same as what it was. It's totally different.

"My natural look prior to the growth is not what came out of surgery. What came out of surgery is a nub an inch long and it doesn't get any larger.

"I'm grateful to have been pulled out of the fire but now I'm dealing with first-degree burns. I'm still disfigured.

"I can't even think about getting into a relationship. It would take someone very patient or very insane to want to have me in their life.

"I do want to be loved one day. But I need to go through the recovery process which will take some time. I've come a long way but it's not the end of the road yet."

The Man With the 10-Stone Testicles: A Bodyshock Special is on Channel 4 at 9pm on Monday (24 June).