Everything larger than a cricket ball is included on the map Reuters

Ever wondered what is orbiting the Earth? Well now you can find out.

An 18-year old programmer named James Yoder has created an interactive map of everything that has been trapped in the gravitational pull of our planet. From small asteroids to large satellites, Yoder has included it and claims to have pretty much pinpoint accuracy give or take a few kilometres, but when considering the vast size of the universe, that's not much.

Some 150,000 space objects are included on – which he used as a project to learn more about 3D graphics programming and WebGL while combining his fascination with space and using data from Space Track.

He told Gizmodo: "Using those orbital parameters, uses a propagation model to predict the location of every satellite in real time, with an accuracy of within a few kilometers, and displays the data using a WebGL visualisation with an accurate view of the Earth's rotation and sunlight angle."