Cat food brand Whiskas is developing a wearable collar camera that allows your feline to take photos and upload them to Instagram.

Sound crazy? Well it is really quite simple – the collar camera is motion-activated and automatically captures six shots every minute when your cat is roaming around.

Best of all, whenever your pet comes within range of a Wi-Fi network, the camera will automatically upload the photographs to an Instagram account set up for the cat by its owner.

"Cats' lives are only seen through our eyes – imagine if you could see the world through their eyes, find out where they go, who they hang out with, and who's serving brunch today," Whiskas Australia explains in the a video.

Not only can you find out what your cat gets up to when it roams around the neighbourhood, the cat food company also says if you are struggling to interpret why your feline is doing something, you can ask a Whiskas cat behaviour specialist for an explanation by hashtagging #askwhiskas and view other cats' photos on Instagram too.

There are only a limited number of Catstacams and they are being given out to celebrities who own cats in Australia; there is no word on when the product will be available for sale.