On what would have been his 89th birthday, the philanthropist and humanitarian Abdul Sattar Edhi has been commemorated by Google with its latest Doodle.

Born in Gujarat, British India in 1928, he moved to Karachi after partition, from where he started out helping dispense medications for free to the needy.

Back in 1951, he helped set up the foundation which bears his name, whose slogan "live and help live" inspired many to give private donations, which at first allowed him to buy his first ambulance, a fleet of which now numbers more than 1,800.

He spent his life helping others and was renowned for his ability to deliver supplies and medicines to people in Pakistan.

Known as the "angel of mercy", he also helped give aid to survivors of disasters like Hurricane Katrina.

The Edhi Foundation provides aid relief throughout the world and ambulance services across his native Pakistan. It has also helped countless thousands of orphans in Pakistan.

By the time of his death in July 2016 of renal failure, he was registered as either the parent of guardian of 20,000 children.

The Doodle image portrays Edhi as an elderly man, surrounded on a street corner by an ambulance, hospital, woman and a child.