An Australia doctor, who had joined the Islamic State (Isis) in Syria about two years ago, has appeared in a new Isis propaganda video calling on fellow jihadists to attack the West, blaming them for the destruction in the war-torn country.

Tareq Kamleh, also known as "Dr Jihad", the "Playboy doctor" or Abu Yusuf, is seen addressing US President Donald Trump in the video, telling him that the militant group is "eagerly awaiting" for US troops to be put on the ground in the Middle East.

"We were so happy because for a long time we have been waiting for your soldiers to meet us on the ground here and your effeminate predecessor [Barack] Obama danced around this subject for too long," Kamleh is reportedly heard saying in the video.

"He [Obama] refused to send us your soldiers and now we know they are on the lands wanting to enter our lands. We are really eagerly awaiting your attempt. We love death more than you love life.

"Is it that you love this life more than you love the life after? But the enjoyment of this life is only but little," the Perth-born paediatrician added.

Who is Tareq Kamleh?

Kamleh, a former Adelaide University student who later moved to Perth following his studies, had first appeared in an Isis propaganda video in 2015. He introduced himself as Abu Yusuf in the video.

Australia Dr Jihad
Australia's Dr Jihad or Tareq Kamleh appears in an Isis propaganda video in 2015 after joining the militant group in Syria Videograb YouTube

He reportedly said that he was a doctor who travelled to the Isis stronghold of Raqqa in Syria from Australia to offer medical services as part of his "jihad for Islam". He was also seen tending to children in a hospital and blaming the US-led coalition for conducting air strikes in the city.

His former colleagues and friends described him as a womaniser and a "clean cut" Australian, according to "He was a pretty normal guy, he didn't have any Isis related interests," said a former student of the university who knew Kamleh well. She added that he was a normal guy who drank alcohol and liked the company of girls.

The new Isis propaganda video

Looking remarkably different in the new unverified Isis propaganda video, Kamleh is seen wearing what appears to be a bullet-proof vest and sporting a long beard.

He calls on other Isis supporters to carry out more lone-wolf attacks on Australia and other nations in the West in retaliation for the continued air strikes on Isis-held territories.

Tareq Kamleh Dr jihad australia
Tareq Kamleh or Australia's Dr Jihad who fled to Syria in 2015 to join Isis has appeared in a new Isis video calling for more lone wolf attacks on the West Videograb YouTube

"We're dealing with countless numbers of burnt children that are coming in at the moment from the continuous bombings that America is dropping on us," he reportedly said in the video.

"It really surprises me of how the Muslim nation is acting at the moment and how stagnant you have all become."What more will it take for it to be a justified cause to come here for Allah's sake?

"And if you can't make a way to come here, jihad itself isn't only in the lands of Syria or Iraq, fighting for the cause of Allah is anywhere.

"You are living in the countries that are sending us rockets. You are living in the countries that are killing Muslim men here and you are paying taxes to them. You have no honour, you have no self respect. You have no love for fellow Muslims," he added.