Obama and kid
Barack Obama’s selfie holding a baby at Alasakan airport goes viral Twitter

Twitter erupted into a frenzy over multiple pictures of former president Barack Obama with an Alaskan woman and her six-month-old daughter at Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport on Monday (3 July).

The mother, Jolene Jackinsky, 30, told the Associated Press that she was searching for an airline at the airport when she chanced upon a waiting area for private flights and thought a man inside looked like Obama.

"I didn't know what to do," Jackinsky said. "He said, 'Who is this pretty girl?' and walked toward us, asked her name and wanted to know where we were going," referring to her daughter Giselle Harried.

Obama told her that he was passing through the airport and heading home from a vacation. "Two men with the Secret Service were there too," Jackinsky added.

"He talked about how fast kids grow up. He said his daughter is going to college pretty soon. He asked if I had a phone to take pictures and did a selfie with us."

According to Alaska Dispatch News, when Eric Harried, the baby's father, walked in, Obama joked that he was stealing the baby.

Jackinsky grew up in Newhalen in the Bristol Bay region, which Obama visited last year during his whirlwind tour of the state.

Jackinsky too was heading home to see her family and her five-minute conversation with Obama apparently focused on kids.

Twitter was flooded with tweets calling the baby and Obama "cute". Some said how much they missed him. Others said they wished it was them in the picture with Obama instead of the baby.

Some were ready to give him their baby, while a few wondered what if they don't have a baby when they get a chance to meet Obama.