Amy Adams has strawberry blond hair
Amy Adams' fans say she deserves an Oscar. Reuters

It is an unquestionable truth that Amy Adams has been in some of Hollywood's most successful films. From American Hustle – which received seven Academy Award nominations – to Tom Ford's Nocturnal Animals, it's difficult to see her as anything other than exceptional.

It was astutely pointed out yesterday on social media that the 43 year-old has never bagged herself an elusive Oscar statue, despite her critical and commercial success in the last decade.

Film writer named Jon Adams wrote: "Thinking about how Amy Adams has never received the Leonardo DiCaprio-level industry narrative of being 'robbed' or 'overdue' for an Academy Award despite accruing more nominations in a shorter period of time and delivering higher quality performances."

In it, he compared Adams to Leonardo DiCaprio who over the last decade became synonymous with Oscar rejection. Throughout this time as an actor there was consistent outcry over this seeming oversight whereas Amy Adams has never received anything like this.

Since sharing his post yesterday, the tweet has received thousands of likes.

A number of people were quick to show their agreement with one user saying "she is one of the most brilliant actresses making movies today...her performance in The Master? Incredible".

Another said: "Totally agree. She's phenomenal in pretty much everything. And people like Jennifer Lawrence are nominated sooner and win."

Not everyone agreed with the comparison, however, and pointed out how different Adams and DiCaprio are.

One person said: "Agreed that she has been overlooked but can not compare her Leo because they are very different to each other."

Another said: "It was BECAUSE his was so stretched out. She's still just now settling into a featured player in Hollywood. Six years ago she was still defining herself. The Cheney movie ought to do it."

One thing is clear, the tweet has brought out an Amy Adams appreciation that many people had forgotten about.