A screen shot of a web browser displaying the WikiLeaks website with a picture of its founder Julian Assange in Bern
WikiLeaks website with a picture of its founder Julian Assange REUTERS

Wikileaks has postponed the launch of its new online submissions system and announced its new website will unveiled Dec. 1.

The press conference on Thursday will "expose extraordinary privacy threats to journalists, sources and others as well as launch a new phase for Wikileaks," s statement said.

The launch of its new website comes just over a year since the infamous "Cablegate" release, which saw U.S. State Department diplomatic cables being made public. The new submission system is said to be "substantially more advanced than its predecessor."

"Wikileaks is building a state-of-the-art secure submissions system," the whistle-blower website said in an extended tweet. "Constructing the system is very complex. Due to the deteriorating state of internet security which directly impacts the ability of sources to communicate with journalists and human rights activists securely, Wikileaks has decided to postpone the launch initially scheduled for Monday 28<sup>th 2011 in the interest of source protection."

The website believes that "online security has become severely and irreversibly compromised over the past months. Over a year or longer SSL certificates have been penetrated by various organised crime groups and intelligence agencies.

"The entire SSL system, which is the mechanism that guarantees security and anonymity online, has been compromised. SSL is beyond repair."

IBTimes will be reporting from the press conference Thursday.