Foreign Secretary Hague and Finnish Foreign Minister Stubb attend a news conference in Helsinki
Foreign Secretary William Hague (L) and Finnish Foreign Minister Alexander Stubb attend a news conference in Helsinki August 23, 2010. REUTERS

The latest non-revelations about William Hague are a sad indictment of the level to which our politics has sunk and will hopefully mark the end of the August "silly season", if not a maturing of our political discourse.

Speculation about Mr Hague's sexuality began on the (in)famous Guido Fawkes blog. Mr Hague's possible homosexuality was not the issue which would have led to his resignation, but the possibility that he had shared a hotel room with not just an employee but a lover, at taxpayer's expense.

Chris Myers, the man in question, has now lost his job as a special advisor as a result of the allegations, despite Mr Hague saying that nothing untoward happened between them and even going into more detail than was necessary about his so far unsuccessful attempts to have children with his wife Ffion.

Bloggers have an increasingly important role to play in modern politics, it was after all the Guido Fawkes site which brought down the unpleasant Damian McBride, the Gordon Brown henchman who wanted to smear Tory MPs with lies regarding their personal lives.

Indeed on this occasion if Mr Hague had been secretly using taxpayer's money to fund nights of passion with his secret gay lover then we would once again owe the Fawkes website a debt of gratitude for unveiling scandals which more traditional media is unable or unwilling to cover.

However Mr Hague denied the story and that should have been the end of it.

Perhaps sharing a room with a colleague is a little unusual, but is it really so hard to believe that they did so without anything sexual going on? If so are British soldiers, who presumably often find themselves sleeping in the same room/tent/hole in the ground, also at it? A little maturity, rather than this primary school playground stuff would be welcome.

Now that Mr Hague has squashed the rumours that he was using taxpayer's money on his supposed secret partner, perhaps we could praise him for saving that money by booking just hotel room rather than two at a time of austerity.

Let's hope that instead of this unsavoury incident we can move onto real serious politics, not the who's sleeping with whom, not who's up and who's down but the future of this country and issues such as the deficit, the EU's increasing influence, social breakdown and immigration.