Wimbledon UK heatwave
The heat was too much for one ball boy at Wimbledon, who fainted Getty

The All England Tennis Club had to evacuate Wimbledon after the close of play on 1 July due to an electrical fire.

The Daily Telegraph reported that an announcement was made over the public address system at Centre Court at 9.10pm urging that anyone remaining there should immediately leave.

A further announcement was made at 9.25pm requesting that anyone on the tea lawn between Gates 4 and 5 should also evacuate.

The paper reported that there may have been a ceremony for umpires being held inside one of Centre Court's hospitality rooms. A woman was seen being taken away on a stretcher with leg injuries, but the police are not treating the fire as suspicious.

"Security guards cleared the area, pushing all staff and remaining spectators back. lay had finished for the day but there were still a few hundred people on site," the Telegraph reported.

"Numerous fire engines and Metropolitan police vans then arrived at the premises, parking up outside Centre Court."