Microsoft plans to release a bunch of fixes called 'Service Release 1' or, SR1, for its new Windows 10 version.

If you cannot wait for Microsoft's next patch release, consider trying out the following list of potential fixes. The issues range from problem with installation to apps crashing.

Windows 10 installation issue

Microsoft is rolling out the Windows 10 upgrade, which will continue over the next few weeks. If you have not reserved your copy yet for the upgrade, then you will have to go through a long process.

To reserve a Windows 10 copy, click on the Windows 10 icon in the taskbar on the right side. You should see the reserve option only if your system is running Windows 7 or 8.1, with the update turned on.

In case you cannot wait and want to lay hands on the new Windows version right away, download an ISO file to get Windows 10. Click here for a guide detailing how to install Windows 10 by downloading ISO.

Windows 10 battery issues

A few days ahead of the official rollout, Intel announced that it was working with Microsoft to fix a bug that reduces the Windows 10 battery life up to 10%. The fix is expected to bring battery performance on Windows 10 the same as Windows 8.1.

However, if you have noticed an unexpected dip in the battery life on your notebook, tablet or, 2-in-1 devices powered with Windows 10, you may try out a few features to save power.

You may either reduce the brightness of the display by tapping the button on the right or, turn on the 'Battery Saver' to dim the screen and cut down the notifications and services running in the background.

Game streaming issues

The new Xbox app on Windows 10 allows streaming games from the Xbox One to the PC directly. If you come across any issue with game streaming, perform the following:

Open the Xbox app and test Xbox One game streaming.

Navigate to connect area and check the signal indicator on the left side of your device's name. If it is red, then expect some streaming issues.

To fix the game streaming, connect your Xbox One to your wireless router to check if the issue is related to it. If yes, then you need to purchase a new one or, connect to your wired network while streaming games.

How to fix Minecraft issues

Some users have reported that the Minecraft Windows 10 Edition is not working on their systems. Currently, the game supports 64-bit processors. However, video game developer, Mojang has a compatible version for PCs with 32-bit coming, but it is unclear when it will be available.

What to do when no fixes work

If your system encounters some serious issues after the Windows 10 upgrade, you may delete the OS and reinstall it without removing files. For this, perform the following:

  • Click Start button in the bottom left corner of the screen
  • Click Settings>> Update & Recovery
  • Click Recovery then Reset This PC
  • You can delete your files along with Windows 10, if you wish so. After deleting, Windows 10 will install automatically.

Doing this is expected to fix the issues you face with new Windows OS.

App issues

There is a fix available if any app on Windows 10 keeps crashing or throws up errors.

Close the app by tapping on the X in the top right corner of the app. If you are on 'Tablet Mode', place your finger at the top edge of the screen and drag the app towards the bottom of the screen.

Reopen the app

Head over to Windows Store to reinstall any app.

Microsoft Edge issues

Microsoft Edge, as the company claims, is quite fast, touch-friendly and easy to operate when compared to the previous Internet Explorer version on Windows 8.1.

If a web site displays issues in Microsoft Edge, tap the three dots in the top-right corner. Then select Internet Explorer.

Source: GottabeMobile