Along with several major changes, the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update would bring a host of accessibility improvements for more than 500 million of Windows 10 devices, when it officially launches this fall.

Before the general availability, the Fall Creators Update would be available for Windows Insiders in the coming weeks for feedback to improve the operating system.

Some of the highlights of the accessibility features are improvements to Narrator; the screen-reading app in Windows 10, enhancements for low vision users and additions that will make it easier for everyone to read and write, said Jeff Petty, Windows Accessibility Program Manager Lead in a post on Microsoft Accessibility Blog on Thursday, 18 May.

Narrator improvements

Narrator app will include ability to send commands from keyboard, touch, Braille display and help users get feedback about the commands.

The app would be able to read controls better, include Scan mode, and will also read apps such as Settings and Weather.

Further, the app can type and read using Braille translations. Users can perform Braille input for app shortcuts and modifier keys, which enable them to employ Braille display to perform several tasks.

Finally, the app would be able to use artificial intelligence to generate descriptions for images that do not have alternative text on demand.

Improvements for low vision

Magnifier, that enlarges different parts of the screen, on Windows 10 desktop will include an option to provide smoother fonts and images and also includes new settings and the ability to zoom in and out using mouse.

The Fall Creators Update will add colour filters, including filters that makes it easier for people with colour blindness to differentiate between colours like red and green and also makes it easier for people with light sensitivity to create content.

Reading and writing improvements for all

With the upcoming update, word predictions will get support for US English using hardware keyboards.

Microsoft also promises to provide assistive technology users with a switch to Windows 10 Pro from Windows 10 S, without any additional charge.