Windows 8.1
If you could choose what features were in Windows 9, what would you pick? Microsoft

You might have heard that Microsoft is now planning to scrap Windows 8 and start afresh on a brand new operating system that could bring back some of the much-loved features users have been missing.

Microsoft will be outlining its vision for the new OS in April at its annual Build developers conference and starting work on the OS later in the same month, so for now, details of what exactly will be included in Windows 9 (codenamed Threshold) remain scarce.

If you could choose what features were in Windows 9, what would you suggest?

Here are some of the features we'd like to see in next version of Windows:

1. Bring back the Start Menu

Windows 9 Start Menu Return

Are you one of the many people confused by the removal of the Start Menu in Windows 8? Don't know where all your programs are in the desktop mode if you haven't downloaded a Start Menu widget such as Classic Shell and unhappy with the dumbed-down Start Button Microsoft introduced in Windows 8.1?

Not to worry, the full feature is set to come back, according to well-known Windows blogger Paul Thurrott. We hope it will look like the Windows 7 version, complete with pinned programs and a dedicated Shut Down button.

2. Stick with just the Desktop Mode

Metro may look nice, but it's just a bit too flashy for some people. If they want a tablet, they usually get one. If they buy a laptop or desktop, they usually want a PC with a desktop.

Keeping it simple with just one mode would remove a lot of irritation for users who dislike the Metro start screen, from the "too sensitive" Hot Corners feature, to the complex and very well-hidden settings menus that crossover between each mode.

3. Metro Apps in Windowed Mode

Microsoft wants everyone to use the Windows Store to buy and download softrware, but having metro apps that pop up in full screen and prevent you from doing anything else, is a drag.

Also, you can end up with two different versions of the same program – one running in Metro mode, the other on the desktop mode, and neither program is talking to the other. According to Thurrot, Windows 9 might see the introduction of Metro apps running in a windowed on your desktop - just as traditional software does.

4. Better syncing between Windows 9, Xbox and Windows Phone

Wouldn't it be nice if it was possible to have full interactivity between your Windows PC, Xbox One and Windows Phone, the way you do with iOS devices?

You could then check your Outlook calendar while on the Xbox One, let someone know your plans on a Skype chat visible on all devices and stream video on your TV, remotely controlled by an app on your phone, connecting to the Xbox.

5. Improve battery life

Windows 8.1 does have some useful new features, but the OS in general is a pretty big power drain on computers, especially when compared with rival Apple's OS X, for example.

Users have complained about seeing a lot of background processes going on, and while some of them have to do with applications (Google's Chrome browser is a big offender), Microsoft deserves some of the blame too.

Are there any other features you'd like to see? Let us know in the comments below.