An English aerospace company has revealed its stunning new concept for passenger planes - windowless jets with display screens that project the outside world onto the inner walls.

Centre for Process Innovation (CPI), based in Redcar, north-east England, say the lightweight planes will be cheaper for passengers as they use less fuel than commercial planes and also produce less C02 emissions, meaning they are better for the environment, reports Russia Today.

Under the new designs the entire inner surface of the fuselage would be covered with high-definition digitised displays, which would conceal cabin utilities. Cameras could also be mounted on the outside of the plane, projecting images of clouds and far-below cities into the cabin.

The screens could be used to project artificial sunrises and sunsets on long haul journeys. YouTube/CPI

The CPI concept is not the first of its kind on the market however. US aerospace firm Spike Aerospace is also aiming to re-launch supersonic flights between New York and London in 2018 (which has not happened since Concorde ended operations in 2003) with its own windowless aircraft.

In August, a French design agency released drawings of a windowless passenger jet, the Ixion Windowless Jet, meaning the development of windowless planes may just be a matter of time.