Calvin Harris and Skepta's Boy Better Know may have stolen the show at Wireless Festival 2016 but the weekend also saw a wave of relative newcomers creating a buzz at the music event. Singer Shakka and rapper Nadia Rose were among the rising stars entertaining the masses at London's Finsbury Park marking their spot as the next generation of talent.

Hailing from Croydon, Nadia Rose, 23, is rapidly building a strong fan base with her no-nonsense attitude and infectious hip hop beats. It is no secret that UK hip hop and grime are dominated by male artists but Rose is far from intimidated.

The Boom rapper told IBTimes UK: "As women we have to work harder, that's just how it goes. It's not a setback and I don't think it should be anything that's looked at like 'because of that I can't do this'. You continue to do it and you do it better because you've had to work harder. I've got love for all the women doing their thing in the game because it's not easy."

Rose has close ties to grime's latest shining star, as Shut Up rapper Stormzy is her older cousin. Providing an insight into their relationship, Rose said: "Yeah, definitely [we're close] from day one. We live four doors down from each other so we're tight. We've both always been into music, he did his thing and I did mine"

Can fans expect a collaboration between the relatives? The Skowd rapper teased: "In good time you'll get a project or piece of material from us. Keep your eyes peeled," adding: "There's no rivalry, his success feels like mine and I'm sure it's vice versa."

Elsewhere on the UK music scene, west London singer Shakka is busy readying his latest project, a follow-up to 2015's critically-acclaimed EP The Lost Boys and promises his new material will be louder and "more intelligent". The Blackout singer explained: "The last EP was called The Lost Boys, it was centred around a really grim future of London where we had to escape the madness of the government controlling us with a serum.

"This time they're in an entirely new location and have come off the island where in one area they've encountered music, women, greenery and it's changes their mind so that's represented in the music. There's a lot of reggae and tribal influences. The music's more centered around the body, the message and the intelligence. There's a lot of bass!"

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On Wireless'S closing day, Shakka joined his Say Nada collaborator JME for a performance during Boy Better Know's set, bringing grime very much to the forefront of the festival. Skepta's profile has been given a boost overseas courtesy of his friendship with Drake, who has now signed to grime collective BBK. Shakka, 27, is open to exploring the US market – but only if it feels authentic.

The singer explained: "I just follow the music. It sounds so generic to say but as long as it ticks the boxes of what I fell in love with music for when I was 5, I'll follow wherever it goes. As long as it's righteous and true and it's helping to move people in every sense of the word then I don't care who's part of it because they're down for the same thing as well."

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