An American woman was arrested on Tuesday for trying to smuggle cocaine into Arizona. According to US Customs and Border Protection, she had nearly three pounds of the drug taped to her bottom, while entering the country through Nogales International Airport.

Identified as Dora Anna Gutierrez, the woman was carrying drugs with a street value of $24,000, according to officials. A report in the Arizona Daily Star said officers were alerted to the drugs by a sniffer dog. A federal complaint has Gutierrez admitting to being paid $800 to smuggle the drugs.

The 39-year-old native of Phoenix City is not the only person to try a creative way of concealing illegal drugs. In April, a 30-year-old Thai woman was arrested at Dubai International Airport for attempting to smuggle 1.2kgs of cocaine. The woman hid three pouches in her bra and around her legs.

"I realised her breast was strangely and suspiciously bulgy. When I asked her to remove her clothes to check her, she refused. I insisted... and so she took off her shirt," an Emirati policewoman told a court hearing.

"When I checked the bra from the inside, I discovered a cocaine pouch that was wrapped with brown plastic tape. I also found two similar pouches hidden between the defendant's thighs," she added.

Last week, a woman from Oklahoma was sentenced to 25 years in prison for carrying methamphetamine inside her anus, and a loaded handgun in her vagina. Christie Dawn Harris, 28, who was arrested in March, pleaded to the charges in Pontotoc County District Court. Harris was arrested after a drug dog alerted officials to a parked vehicle in which Harris and another woman were seated.