Zoe Snoeks was on a road trip in Belgium's Luxembourg province with her husband on Tuesday when she met her untimely death after she fell from the Le Herou cliff near the Ourthe river in the Ardennes forest.

According to reports, the 33-year old was trying out poses for a selfie with the beautiful backdrop when the tragedy happened. She was standing on the cliff's edge when she lost her footing and plummeted 100 feet below into the river. Her bereaved husband, Joeri Janssen, said they were supposed to be heading back home to Limburg on that tragic day when she decided to take a photo of the 4,500ft vertical rock face.

"We got up very early to take pictures of the Herou. There is almost always mist there. It's great for photos. We arrived before 9am," he said as quoted by The Sun.

Janssen said that since the pandemic, it has been their "little thing to drive across Europe" in their camper van and take beautiful photos of the sights. They left on Sunday with their dogs Joy and Ivy, and also took with them a drone for aerial shots. He said the last time he saw his wife, she was posing for photos on the edge of the cliff. Then she had told him to "look out for the dogs."

"I turned to the dogs and told them to wait. When I turned back to Zoe, she was no longer there. She had just vanished. It must have happened in less than five seconds," he said adding that he "didn't see or hear anything. No rustling, no screams or shouts." He only saw dust when he looked up.

Zoe Snoeks, 33, and her husband Joeri Janssen liked to travel the world, they were in the Belgian province of Luxembourg on Tuesday morning when the tragedy occurred.

Zoe Snoeks lost her balance and fell to a depth of almost 100 feet and sadly drowned. pic.twitter.com/DTLIDHbz2i

— Mr. PER. Hilton Latinoamérica (@PerdomoArcenio) November 3, 2021

Janssen said he called her even though he knew that "it was hopeless" because the "chasm was several tens of metres deep." He reportedly immediately called the emergency services for help and had barely any network. There was also the language barrier.

"They didn't understand me, even though I speak a little French," he continued adding that he eventually went to the nearby Le Belvedere Hotel to ask for help.

"The rescue team could not find Zoe immediately, they said in French. Then they told me that unfortunately, Zoe was dead, also in French, but I immediately understood what they meant," he said.

Janssen shared that taking photos was Snoeks' passion. He unlocked her phone to see her last selfie on the cliff edge and she is seen looking straight ahead. The photo also showed the mist and the river where rescuers found her body. It is unclear if local authorities are still investigating her death.

Le Hérou, Nadrin
Le Hérou, Nadrin. Photo by: DirkVE, CC BY-SA 4.0 <https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0>, via Wikimedia Commons DirkVE/ Wikimedia Commons