A Cat Image Credit: Flickr/ ericrichardson

In a bizarre incidence, a woman from Thailand found the skeleton of a kitten while eating sausages with her family and later turned the 'lucky' carcass into a shrine.

Krod Yotchomrang, a 52-year-old woman in Buri Ram, Thailand, noticed something strange inside one of the sausages she was cutting.

"I was cutting the third sausage when I noticed what looked like a small cat," she told the Bangkok Post.

A closer look at her food revealed the cat's eyes and nose, and a chunk of cat hair.

"We almost threw up when we realized we were eating the body of a kitten for dinner."

She had bought the sausage from a local market in Satuk district of Buri Ram province.

Although most people would throw the sausage at the very moment of finding cat carcass in their food, Yotchomrang "after thinking it through", decided to create a shrine dedicated to the kitty in her house and also prayed before it, the report said.

The peculiarity of the story does not end there. Once Yotchomrang's friends and neighbors got to know of the shrine, they too visited the shrine and prayed before it.

To Yotchomrang's astonishment, many a people among those who prayed, won money in the local lottery and this convinced her further that the kitty carcass can bring good luck to people, reports

Public health officials, who are less charmed by the incidence, are now investigating if the local sausage maker is mixing pork with cat meat, according to Thai Rath, a Thai language website.