In a freak accident, a woman was killed when an overloaded supermarket trolley speeding down an escalator runway in the store crushed her to death on the morning of Friday, 21 June.

The accident, which took place at Lianhua supermarket in Shanghai was recorded on a CCTV camera and the footage has been released by various local news channels on YouTube.

In the video, the 60-year-old victim can be seen pushing her trolley down on the sloping supermarket run way.

As soon as the woman reaches the bottom of the runway, a fully loaded steel trolley can be seen coming down right after her in full speed and hitting her from behind. With the impact of the hit, the woman reportedly got thrown seven meters away, dashing against a pillar, a report in Mail Online suggests.

The overloaded trolley reportedly belonged to two men who lost control over it on the escalator. The men had overloaded their personal trolley instead of using one from the supermarket, which have a system of getting locked onto the ridges on the escalator.

Seconds after the accident, two men can be seen running down the escalator to help the woman.

Local news media reports suggest that the woman was shopping alone and succumbed to the injuries shortly after she was taken to a hospital close by.

The video shows the woman turning around only seconds before she is hit, suggesting that the sound of the speeding trolley must have alerted her but it there was no time for her to react.

The incident is being investigated by police.


[Video Courtesy: YouTube/ DailyUploadsFights]