On Saturday, September 26, fisherman Rolando Visbal was surprised to find a woman floating alone in the deep waters off the coast of Colombia. He and his friends lifted her onto his boat and brought her back to land. The woman was revealed to be Angelica Gaitan, who had been missing for the past couple of years. Her family claims that they had no idea of the woman's whereabouts until news of her being found at sea made national headlines. Police are investigating how the woman ended up off the coast of Puerto Colombia in Atlantico, Colombia.

Visbal was fishing off the Puerto Colombia coast when he spotted something that looked like a log in the distance. He soon realised that the log was actually the body of a person. The discovery became stranger as he realised that the person was still alive.

Those onboard Visbal's boat recorded the rescue. While the fishermen shouted out to the floating woman in Spanish and English, she appeared to be unresponsive. They eventually brought her to the boat with the help of a lifesaver. The weak woman was barely able to move when Visbal and his friend Gustavo dragged her into the boat.

The fishermen then returned to shore and reported the incident to the authorities. Suffering from hypothermia, Gaitan was taken to a hospital. The woman had been at sea for around eight to 10 hours before being rescued.

The police have launched an investigation to figure out how Gaitan ended up around four-kilometres from the shore. Local media revealed that her family had last been in contact with her around two years ago. Since then, her family had not been able to track her down or communicate with her.

RCN radio claimed that the woman tried to commit suicide by jumping into the sea following abuse from former partners. Gaitan had reportedly been victim of physical and psychological abuse. However, her daughter Alejandra Castiblanco claims that reports of her mother being suicidal are false. She and her sister are trying to raise money to bring their mother to Bogota where they live.

The authorities are continuing their investigation.

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