Social networking Web sites were full of comments, reactions and discussions, after the sickening murder of a member of the British armed forces in Woolwich on Wednesday afternoon.

Some, clearly more rational souls, appealed for peace and calm but Twitter also saw an outpouring of inflammatory tweets and messages, with the English Defence League (EDL) in particular being very active.

All in all, topics like #woolwich, #EDL, #Muslims and #Islamic have been trending aggressively on Twitter.

The EDL, identified with Islamophobic sentiments, clashed with police at the scene of brutal murder to protest against the soldier's death, by two suspects believed to be Muslims.

EDL leader Tommy Robinson has sought to mobilise followers and supporters on Twitter. In addition, the EDL's official Twitter account - @Official_EDL - has been tweeting extensively about how actions speak louder than words and how protests against Islam are the need of the hour.

Some of the tweets from the group read:


‏@Official_EDL : We do care, that is why we are doing what we are doing. If we didn't care we wouldn't stand up against this barbaric tragedy.

‏@Official_EDL:4 years and counting, David Cameron said we would only be around a year and look at us now, still going!

The group also received ample support from citizens, with a few tweeting:

@Connor7Smith: Atleast the @Official_EDL noticed what happened yesterday and protested about it, actions speak louder than words in this society #RIP

@ashwell261m : I've been away for a week and I come back to this so glad I'm apart off the @Official_EDL

england1966: I lived in saudi. there are no rights for non-muslims. We have given way too often and too much

@Ryangdatsme: Fully support @official_edl, they're the only people standing up for our country at the moment

However, there also are some who are calling for peace and asking that a more rational approach be followed:

‏@davidcrosby 3m: I work with many Muslims and have many Friends who are Muslim and they are follow the law and pay taxes.

@ChantelleWaller Muslims should not have to suffer because of the violent acts performed today. Just the two sick scumbags #woolwich"

Senior Whitehall sources have confirmed the unidentified victim of the brutal Woolwich attack in south-east London was a member of the country's armed forces.

According to the BBC, two suspects were held in arrest at a hospital overnight, after the Wednesday afternoon incident. The suspects were treated for gunshot wounds sustained in a fight with police at John Wilson Street, the A205. One of the two is believed to be in serious condition.

Prime Minister David Cameron cut short proposed trips to France and returned to discuss security measures. He will chair a meeting of the government's emergency response committee, Cobra.

Met Police Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, MI5 director-general Andrew Parker, Home Secretary Theresa May, Defence Secretary Philip Hammond and London Mayor Boris Johnson are among those expected to attend.