It was revealed on Monday that three journalists have died while covering the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. The third journalist, ITV technical director Roger Pearce, actually died on November 21, weeks ahead of Grant Wahl and Khalid Al-Misslam.

The American's passing on December 10 was highly publicised, with his collapse occurring right in front of colleagues in the media centre during the match between Argentina and the Netherlands. Wahl raised alarms all over the world as fans and colleagues paid tribute to him while seeking answers as to what exactly caused his death. Pending an autopsy on American soil, it is being said that he died of a suspected heart attack even though he admitted on his website days before his death that he had sought treatment for a respiratory condition similar to bronchitis.

Meanwhile, Qatari photojournalist Khalid Al-Misslam also died suddenly under undisclosed circumstances on December 11, a day after Wahl.

On November 21, weeks before the two aforementioned deaths, 65-year-old Pearce also died in Qatar, making him the first journalist to suffer the tragic fate while covering the football spectacle. Just like the other two, there is no clarity on his cause of death. As of now, the only detail that has been released is that he died suddenly in his hotel room during the night.

ITV made the announcement via a tribute shared by presenter Mark Pougatch the following day. "We have very sad news to bring you from here in Qatar. Our technical director, Roger Pearce, who was here for his eighth World Cup, sadly passed away. Roger was a highly respected figure in the sports broadcasting industry, for ITV he was instrumental in the logistical planning and coverage of the Rugby World Cup, Football World Cup and European Championships," he said.

Sadly, Pearce was planning to retire in 5 weeks.

It was perhaps because of Pierce's age that his death did not raise many questions even though the cause is still unclear. However, after the passing of Wahl and Al-Misslam, suspicions are rising.

Days before he collapsed, Wahl shared that so many of his colleagues were sick. He added that he was not positive for Covid-19, but he and many others were suffering from respiratory ailments.

His brother, Eric Wahl, had raised more doubts after revealing that Grant had received death threats in the days before his death. The family is determined to get answers by performing an autopsy now that the journalist's body has been repatriated back to the USA.

"We can confirm that this morning, Grant Wahl's remains and belongings were repatriated to the United States," State Department spokesman Ned Price said on Monday.

Meanwhile, the United Kingdom's National Health Service has been warned to look out for signs and symptoms of the deadly "camel flu" or Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) especially in those returning from Qatar.

Grant Wahl
U.S. soccer journalist Grant Wahl suddenly died on Friday while covering the Argentina vs Netherlands game at the World Cup in Qatar. Reuters / GRANT WAHL