A Briton, living in Harlesden, northwest London and weighing nearly 60 stone, has been dubbed the world's "fattest man".

Keith Martin, 42, reportedly won the title after the previous record-holder, a 90-stone Mexican went on a crash diet. The 44-year-old Mexican Manuel Uribe was earlier listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the heaviest man in the world. However, he is recently believed to be around 31st 6lb after following a new diet plan.

At 5ft 9in height, Keith has a waist measuring 6 ft and has not got out of bed for the last ten years.

The Daily Mail reported that his needs are putting an extra drain on NHS resources and costing the taxpayer thousands of pounds as he requires an army of 18 medical professionals to look after him, including ambulance staff, carers and nurses.

It was following the death of his mother that Keith, who was then a teenager, adopted a binge diet habit. Currently, he needs a total of around 18 people to look after his daily needs and does not move out of his bed apart from hospital visits in a reinforced ambulance.

In a documentary which will be aired in the coming week on Channel5, Keith will reportedly talk about his condition which was triggered following the death of his mother and how he blamed himself for what happened to himself.

Keith's condition is regarded as one among a million obese people in the UK who cost taxpayers millions of money for fulfilling their day-to-day requirements.