One tonne Doner Kebab in Ankara, Turkey.
The doner kebab, weighing 1,198 kg, has been entered into the Guinness World Records Reuters
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A doner kebab made from seven cows has been named the world's largest at a ceremony in Ankara, Turkey

Hoisted by a crane for the public display on 12 June, scaffolding was required for the kebab to be measured, before meat was sliced off to the throng of hungry spectators.

10 cooks were required to make the 2.5m long dish that weighed in at 1,198 kg, over twice that of the previous record, a doner kebab made in Dubai in 2009 at 468 kg.

The doner kebab is one of Turkey's most famous dishes and can be made of various roasted meats cooked on a vertical spit. Its history can be traced to the Ottoman Empire, where roasted lamb used to be cooked on a horizontal stack of meat.

Mahmut Aygun, the man who invented the modern doner kebab, supposedly created the dish whilst operating a snack stall in Berlin in 1971. Mahmut realised the potential to lure drunken customers into eating the dish by serving it in bread as opposed to rice so that they could take the food with them. Becoming a phenomenon worldwide, the doner kebab has now become a staple for many across the UK after a night of heavy drinking.