Meet Emily, the world's youngest snake performer: she is just seven years' old.

"We're happy to bring you this next performer, Serpentini. She is the world's youngest snake charmer and snake dancer. Please make her feel loved, make her feel welcome and make some noise for Serpentini, ladies and gentleman," announced the Master of Ceremonies, introducing Emily Sobel aka Serpentini to the Congress of Curious People at its annual Super Freak Weekend in Coney Island last week, reports the NY Daily News.

Serpentini is Emily's stage name as she has been working very hard over the last 16 weekends after she shot into fame in Coney Island, a peninsula and beach on the Atlantic Ocean in southern Brooklyn, New York, which is now partially connected to the mainland by landfill.

Emily is not just a snake charmer. She is a born dancer who can dance with a snake effortlessly as the reptile moves its head in 180 and 360 degrees.

It was not an easy way for Emily to stardom. At the age of five, she was bitten by a 3-foot-long Indian Trinket snake which she has been so fondly keeping. True to a fighter, she did not raise her voice when she was bitten; instead she put the snake around her neck. Her explanation: The snake bit her by mistake, not deliberately.

She was five years' old when she first performed with snakes at the annual pet pageant show in Coney Island, and since then there has been no going back for Emily. She is now one of the most wanted snake performers in Brooklyn.

Emily has five varieties of snakes at her Brooklyn home. Besides the Indian Trinket snake that bit her two years ago, she also keeps a corn snake, a bull python, a Reverse California King Snake, and two Florida Amel King Snakes named Moe and Icicle.

Take a look at Emily with her snake here.