Two people were taken to hospital following the "world's hottest chilli" competition at a restaurant in Edinburgh.

Emergency services were called to the Kismot restaurant in St Leonards Street after competitors started to faint, vomit and writhe on the floor in agony.

The competition involves people eating the "Kismot Killer" curry. One participant Curie Kim - pronounced curry - was so ill after attempting to eat the curry that she was taken to the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary twice in a matter of hours.

The restaurant's website insists all participants sign a legal disclaimer before taking part in the competition, which raises money for the Scottish children's charity CHAS.

Today, the Scottish Ambulance service said it wanted the restaurant to review how the event was managed.

"We would urge the organisers to review the way in which this event is managed in future in order to avoid another situation where emergency ambulances are required to treat their customers," A said a spokesman for the Scottish Ambulance Service.

In previous years, the Kismot Killer has left people with nosebleeds and one elderly man needing to go to hospital.

Kim, 21, a Korean exchange student at Edinburgh University, came second in the competition, but she admitted the accolade "came with a price".

"I've always enjoyed spicy foods and thought this was for a good cause. But it came with a price, I had to be taken to the ERI twice," said Kim.

"I first went to hospital at around 4pm and the second time was at 9pm. It got really bad. I have never endured such pain in my life."

Beverly Jones, from Newington, was crowned the winner of the competition, after successfully managing to finish nine spoonfuls of the chilli-filled dish.