Fancy buying something special for your loved one this Easter? A chocolate shop in London is selling the world's most expensive Easter eggs, for £25,000.

Chocolatiers Choccywoccydoodah, based in London and Brighton, has created a collection of the most expensive edible easter eggs in the world inspired by the famous jewelled Fabergé eggs that were often given as gifts by Russian tsars.

Made from Belgian chocolate, the luxury confectionary item is styled to look like a dragon hatching. Each egg weighs around 100kg, and they are worth £10,000 ($14,173, €12,683) each.

"These are the most expensive edible Easter eggs currently in the world," says Jenna Mullen, the store manager of Choccywoccydoodah London. "They are £10,000 each, or we're doing a little deal, which would be £25,000 for all three.

"The reaction from the public is 'are they real?' Yes they are real, they're solid chocolate, handmade. And the general reaction from the public is 'wow,' which is exactly what we wanted."

Previously more expensive eggs encrusted with jewels have been created, however none have been completely edible made of solid chocolate as with Choccywoccydoodah's creation.