McLaren F1
This McLaren F1 will once again break the record for most expensive modern car with an estimated £15 million price. McLaren Cars

When the McLaren F1 launched in 1993 it broke records for the fastest car ever made. Now, nearly 25 years later, the supercar is about to stun audiences once again as it's expected to become the world's most expensive modern car, with a whopping £15m ($19.5m) price tag.

While classics like the 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO holds the title for priciest ever at $38m – the McLaren F1, which was created some 30 years later is close behind with its staggering auction estimate.

The supercar, which still holds the record for the fastest naturally aspirated (no turbo or super chargers) car on the planet, hits 0-60mph in 3.2 seconds and has a top speed of 240mph. It could sell at a similar pace when it goes under hammer in California on August 18.

The reason behind its significant price tag is not only due to the fact they're extremely rare, with McLaren only making 64 of them, but also because this example is one of the few one-owner, unmodified versions. It even comes complete with the original tool kit, luggage set cover and factory documents.

"While many of the road cars have been returned to the factory for new aerodynamic packages or custom interiors, 044 remains unmodified and aside from the parts replaced during its scheduled services, remains as original as it was when it left the factory. Rarely does one of the legendary 64 road cars become available," said Bonhams.

This model, which was purchased in 1996 for £500,000 and has 9,600 miles on the clock, will smash the previous record for most expensive car built after the 1960s (which is also a McLaren F1 sold at £8.8m in 2015) and could be close to being the most expensive British car ever if it overtakes the £16 million paid for a 1955 Jaguar D-Type, according to The Sun.

The McLaren F1, which was designed and built in Woking, Surrey, is regarded as one of the first true hypercars, setting the benchmark for modern day rivals like the Bugatti Veyron, which finally managed to steal its top speed crown after 13 years.