WWE United States champion Kevin Owens has been donning a new gimmick that sees him sport sharp suits after he moved to SmackDown Live from Monday Night Raw in the "superstar shakeup".

Ever since KO started appearing in suits for promos and guest appearances, the WWE Universe is wondering what could be the real motive behind the sudden change in gimmick.

The "New Face of America" wore a suit when he worked with Triple H and Samoa Joe before WrestleMania 33, however, that was a one-off thing.

But now, a WWE source told Sportskeeda that Vince McMahon was not happy with Owens' build and fitness and that is the reason why the former asked the wrestler to work in suits.

The entertainment company's chairman is "so fed up" with Owens as he is overweight and is not lifting weights or working out properly.

Owens has been doing promos and guest appearances in suits, but McMahon reportedly wants the Canadian superstar to work his matches in his suits as well. However, it remains is to be seen if Owens does away with his signature sleeveless T-shirt and athletic shorts for his matches.

If Owens continues to wear suits – for his fights as well – then it is fair to say that McMahon could be more than just upset over the wrestler not hitting the gym. It could also turn out that McMahon sees Owens as an even bigger star than the one he already is.

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