caen 1944
World War Two brought death and destruction to all parts of the globe. Reuters

Seventy-five years ago today Britain declared war on Germany, an act which ushered in six years of carnage and ultimately led to the downfall of Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler.

After appeasing Hitler's ruthless policy of annexation for several years, British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain and his government eventually opened hostilities on 3 September 1939, following the German government's refusal to withdraw from Poland.

Chamberlain reading out his declaration of war to the nation.

Twelve months earlier Chamberlain had returned triumphantly from a summit meeting with Hitler in Munich, during which the Nazi Fuhrer pledged not to invade any more foreign territories. At the airport on his return home Chamberlain brandished a copy of the agreement, proclaiming 'peace in our time'.

However Hitler promptly reneged on the agreement, conquering the whole of Czechoslovakia and then invading Poland, forcing the British government to take action.

Here is the full transcript of the declaration of war issued by Chamberlain 75 years ago: