Chrissie Hynde
Chrissie Hynde performs at Ryman Auditorium on November 10, 2014 in Nashville, Tennessee. Getty

Legendary rocker Chrissie Hynde has apologised to fans after dropping the c-bomb during a concert in Dubai earlier this month.

According to the Sun, the 66-year-old Pretenders frontwoman stormed off stage after hurling abuse at the crowd for filming the concert throughout on their smartphones.

Those that paid to see the American musician live recall her spewing venom during her first song shouting, "you're all c**ts".

The Ohio-born artist continued her foul-mouthed tirade by claiming that she "didn't give a "f**k" because she already had their money.

As she stormed off the stage, she told the shocked crowd: "Take a picture of that."

Alastair MacDonald, 38, of Glasgow, who attended the gig, said: "She was saying, 'you're all c***s'. She pointed at people using phones and gave them the finger."

Addressing the outburst in an open letter posted to her Facebook, Hynde admitted that she had been a "bit of a b***h" because she didn't like the "uninvited" camera attention.

"I do want to apologise for being a bit of a b***h when it came to camera phones and just being myself in general" she explained.

"As you probably know by now, when I'm not on the stage, I like to retain a very ordinary profile and get embarrassed by uninvited attentions. So, if I told anyone to "get lost" - it's just me being the citizen God intended me to be."

However, the I'll Stand By You hit maker made sure to make it clear that she would always stay true to her authentic self.

"I know sometimes I'm not the celebrity you want, but believe me, I suffer for it later that night and wish I could have been a nicer person.

"But I wasn't, I'm not, and probably not going to change any time soon. As far as all the cities we didn't play - we intend to come back and finish the job."