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President Trump vowed that 2018 is 'going to be something very, very special', but Twitter can't stop trolling him for it NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty Images

US President Donald Trump said 2018 is "going to be something very, very special" and the internet is hilariously trolling the president's prediction. Speaking to guests at his annual lavish New Year's Eve ball at Mar-a-Lago in Florida, Trump praised his administration saying the country is "doing great".

"We have jobs pouring into the country," Trump said to cheers from guests who attended, according to a recording of his speech, CNN reports. "Europe isn't too happy with us because a lot of people are moving back into the United States. A lot of money is coming.

"We're doing it the way it should be and I'll tell you what there's more to come. I won't give any more information than that. There's more to come. More to come."

He continued: "We're going to have a great 2018. It's going to be something very, very special. It's all kicking in. We have some pretty good enemies out there, but step by step they're being defeated. They're some bad people. Bad people. But that's ok. Someday maybe they'll love us. I don't know."

"But you know what they're gonna love? Everyone's gonna love what's happening with our country because we're taking this big beautiful ship and we're slowing turning it around. I'd like to do it faster but I think we've done more in one year.

"Critics have said that, whether you like him or not, they've done a lot. We've done more than any other administration ever in the first year."

Twitter, on the other hand, is ruthlessly trolling Trump over his prediction for a "very, very special" 2018 with some of their own.

While some predicted special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into Trump's team for possible Russian ties would see more indictments, others questioned whether the president would resign this year.

"Is he really taking a sabbatical year?" one Twitter user wrote while another added: "Does that mean he's stepping down or impeachment?"

"Yes, 2018 is going to be something very, very special. We're going to kick him and his conspirators out of Washington," one person said.

After a tumultuous first year of his presidency, others expressed concern over what the new year would bring in light of escalating tensions with nuclear-armed North Korea and his recent rhetoric attacking Iran and Pakistan.