A Norwegian YouTuber who told his fans he was very much alive in a video he posted on his 57th birthday has tragically died a few days after he published the same.

Tor Eckhoff, better known by his YouTube username Apetor, uploaded a video on the platform on Nov. 22 with the caption, "I Am Not Dead, I Am 57 Today." Apparently, it was his tradition to upload one such video each time he would celebrate his birthday.

In the clip, the YouTuber could be seen in an outdoor bathtub filled with dark-colored liquid. The number 57 was scribbled on his forehead. He drank some vodka straight from the bottle before getting dressed and drinking another type of liquor. He also kissed a tree and tried drinking some more with a plastic bag over his head.

The scenes that followed showed him drinking more alcohol, marching and running around the woods and doing several other things like licking an electric post and parts of an old car, chopping wood with "57" written on them and bathing in his icy outdoor bathtub.

However, Eckhoff met his demise only a few days after he uploaded the celebratory video on his channel, which has 1.2 million subscribers. He fell into the water as he was walking over ice at Jakobs Dam outside Kongsberg on Friday, reported Insider.

Though the man was rushed to a hospital, he died the next day, Ladbible said in a report.

According to cops, witnesses alerted them after hearing Eckhoff's pleas for help. Authorities suspected the man was trying to record a video when the fall took place.

Eckhoff's friend, Tove Skjerven, wrote a lengthy Facebook post following the man's death.

"Friday the 26th. November was just a regular Friday. You went to a water near Kongsberg, and you looked forward to skating. You should also film a little, which you should use in a video on YouTube. You messaged me when you arrived, with pictures of yourself and the water. Nice relationship, you wrote.

"But something went horribly wrong. You ended up in the ice water, and this time you didn't get back up, like you did so many times before!

"In the end, you were picked up by divers and sent by air ambulance to Ullevål hospital. They did everything they could to bring you back to life, but you had been underwater for too long. On Saturday night John and I were with you when the doctors in the hospital turned off all the machines that kept your body going," she noted as per Facebook's translation from Norwegian.

Skjerven wrapped up the post by expressing gratitude for Eckhoff, writing, "Thank you for all you have been to Johannes and me. We have endless good memories, and we miss you so indescribable!"

Meanwhile, Eckhoff's supporters took to the video's comments section to leave messages of condolences.

"We will never forget the joy you brought us! Warm thoughts to the family," wrote one user.

"It is a tragic, that his last video say 'I'm not dead' and now this happens. May he rest in peace, what a legend he was. I enjoyed his content and surely will be missed by millions!" another fan noted.

"The thought of him drowning in water, compared to his coolness and chill fixture in these videos really gives me the feels, I've cried for hours after hearing his death. He was just such a wholesome and chill figure, it felt like I really knew him throughout all of these years of watching his videos. May he rest in Peace," another supporter said.

Representation. Photo: Pixabay