Apple's App Store has accepted an update of the iconic Jaxx crypto wallet which includes Zcash, so now anyone with a smart phone can easily send, receive, and store the privacy-centric cryptocurrency using their mobile device.

Zcash, a project which is heavily backed by computer scientists, engineers and seasoned cryptographers, uses zero knowledge proofs to ensure participants to a transaction can share details of its putative contents, without the rest of the world knowing what they are. It is a significant move on the part of Apple, which has been a bit jittery in the past about associating with privacy-centric coins, such as Dash.

Zooko Wilcox, chief executive of the company behind Zcash development, Zerocoin Electric Coin Company, said: "Jaxx is a very simple, easy-to-use wallet and the team behind it has been a pleasure to work with. I'm delighted that thanks to them, hundreds of millions of iPhone users can, for the first time send and receive Zcash from their phones."

Jaxx was the first wallet to integrate Zcash following its mainnet launch on 28 October 2016, and said it was thrilled to now have Zcash available on its iOS platform. Apple has a rigorous approval process, especially for allowing cryptocurrencies onto the App Store, and their approval is a clear indication that Zcash is a fast-growing and well-respected technology.

Anthony Diiorio, CEO of Jaxx, said: "The privacy aspect of their technology meshes really well with Jaxx's philosophies. We've been working on a Zcash-integrated iOS version for a long time and we're over the moon that Zcash has been approved on the App Store."

Jaxx also confirmed today that they are in talks with Zcash on the possibility of supporting ZEC-shielded addresses. Currently, Jaxx supports transparent addresses which behave similarly to Bitcoin, publishing transaction data publicly to the blockchain. While the mere use of shielded addresses by others provide greater privacy for transparent addresses compared to Bitcoin, official support for shielded addresses in Jaxx will significantly enhance capabilities for users.

"Zcash is a very well run project and it's been an absolute pleasure to work with Zooko and team. We look forward to continuous collaboration between our two projects, especially for when we implement Zcash's shielded addresses," said Diiorio.

In addition to being integrated on all of Jaxx's platforms, Zcash also announced its integration on a second wallet, SmartWallet, a Brazilian money application, which means people can pay in Zcash to the Brazilian tax service and also use it to pay all sorts of bills (e.g. utility bills, mobile) with Zcash and a Brazilian bank.

Wilcox said in an email: "This means Brazilians can – get this – pay their taxes in Zcash from their phone. The Brazilian tax service receives Brazilian Reals, but the user experience from the user's perspective is that they pay some Zcash and their tax bill goes away.

"You can pay bills like mobile phone and utilities, too. And if you're abroad, you can pay into your bank back home in Brazil.

"So from now on when people ask me 'But what can Zcash be used for?' I can answer 'For paying your taxes! (In Brazil.)'"