Mugabe to run in 2011 polls
Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe records popsong REUTERS/Philimon Bulawayo

Zimbabwean dictator, President Robert Mugabe has moved from politics to show business after reinventing himself as a popstar.

The 87-year-old tyrant's croaky voice can be heard on newly-released pop song Toita Sei? which translates as 'What Shall We Do?' which was released ahead of the Zimbabwe's planned prresidential elections.

The song, in which he slams the injustices of British colonial rule, has already been played on radio stations throughout Zimbawe and television stations currently play the tracks music video just before the news.

Singing in his native Shona language, the ruler says that native Africans were oppressed by their British colonisers, by saying: 'In those days youths were of the mistaken belief that this country belonged to the British.

'Some even believed that they were under British colonial rule because of God's will. What shall we do with Rhodesians?'

The leader is also backing his single with a strong marketing campaign ahead of the planned presidential election that also includes commuter buses in Zimbabwe's capital giving out free copies of the song to guarantee that it is played regularly.

Mugabe has ruled Zimbabwe with an iron fist since the country's independence from Britain in 1987. Known for his corruption, reports have claimed that the new single is merely his latest tactic to garner support from the country's largely unemployed and impoverished youth.

Zimbabwe is now one the world's poorest countries after hyperinflation in the country reached the astronomical figure of 230 million per cent in 2008, causing the country's paper currency to - worthless almost as soon as it was printed.